Tuesday Open House

Tuesday Open House at TCNE Facility from 7PM to 10PM in Greater Boston MassachusettsStop by for our Tuesday Open House for face to face chat, free munchies, and a relaxed environment to get to know others in low-key, no pressure, transgender friendly environment.

Come en femme or simply dressed as a guy.

If you want to, change at our club into en femme or stay dressed as a guy the night just to talk with others.  It’s all fine by us as all of us have started in the same place!

Just meeting and talking with another live trans-person can be a big help – so come on down, the coffee is on us!

Spouses and Partners always Welcome!!

Where: TCNE Clubhouse in Waltham, MA

Directions?  Questions?

  • email us at info@tcne.org
  • call us on the phone (781) 891-9325; Answered LIVE on Tuesdays and on Saturdays
  • Directions:  Google Maps
  • About Us Page
  • Tiffany Club of New England is in the process of changing its name to Trans Club of New England.  Learn about this change here.
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