First Event 2017 Big Brother/ Big Sister Program

Matchmaker, matchmaker. For those who want to come to First Event, but perhaps it may be their first time out, and it feels a bit overwhelming. This program has been so welcome by so many. Whether you are MTF or FTM, this is true.

We strive to help all attendees enjoy FE17. Our Big Brother/Big Sister program attempts to match newcomers with experienced trans folk. Whether you want help of any sort with makeup, clothing, or just support or want to be there to help someone, please register for this program and we will match you up prior to the start of the conference.

If you need support or want to provide support, please click on the link below and you will be matched with someone before the conference starts. For many this begins lifelong friendships and a support system that makes a difference!!


TCNE Closed January 24 and 28 for First Event 2017!!

Tiffany Club will be closed on Tuesday, January 24 and Saturday, January 28, 2017.

Come Join us at First Event 2017, the first transgender conference of the year in the WORLD! The conference begins on Wednesday, January 25 and runs through Sunday, January 29. Educational, fun workshops and fantastic evening events, including a FASHION SHOW, are on tap for this exciting and entertaining weekend! For complete info and registration details visit our First Event 2017 website…

First Event 2017 Workshop Schedule

The workshop schedules are now available on the FE17 website. Along with the schedule, you can find complete descriptions along with the names of the presenters.  Please check back frequently to view updates or schedule changes.

First Event 2017 Registration Is Now Open!!

Click on the link below for registration information

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TCNE Closed Dec. 24 and 31

Tiffany Club will be closed on Saturday December 24 (Xmas Eve) and Saturday December 31 (New Years Eve).

Also, check out the post below about our annual Holiday Party scheduled for Saturday, December 10!!!

TCNE Board Meetings

TCNE board meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each even nunbered month beginning in October 2016.

Are You a New Visitor to Our Website??

Are you a new visitor to our website?  Are you looking for a safe/secure environment to express your gender identity?  The Tiffany Club of New England  welcomes YOU!!  At TCNE, we provide a confidential, respectful and safe physical location so that members and guests can express their true gender in a way that is comfortable for them. TCNE will provide you with an ample changing and makeup area if you so desire, or you are welcome to join us in whatever attire you choose!

Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  So come visit with us on Tuesday evenings from 7-10pm or Saturday evenings  from 7-11pm, and see what Tiffany Club is all about!

Tiffany Club of New England, 30 Guinan St, Waltham, MA 02454

Call anytime and leave a message and we will return your call, or call Tuesday or Saturday evenings during the above hours. (781)-891-9325

Attention TCNE Keyholders!

On Saturday, October 1, 2016 the lock on the outer door to TCNE is being changed!  After this date, a new key will be required to gain main door entry to TCNE!  The key to the upstairs entry and storage closet will remain the same as you were previously issued.  All keyholders should e-mail your name as registered with the club at the time you became a member,  a telephone number and time you can be contacted  t0  In accordance with club policy, any info you provide will remain confidential!  You may also stop by the club during our Tuesday Open House from 7-10pm or our Saturday House Party from 7-11pm as well.

In order to receive a new main entry key, your membership dues need to be up to date.  New keys will be available as of August 1, 2016 for those who wish to maintain their keyholder status.  If you choose to opt out of being a TCNE keyholder, you may do so by returning your key any Tuesday or Saturday during the above mentioned hours.  Also, if you wish to remain a member of the club without keyholder status you may pay your standard membership dues of $65 any Tuesday or Saturday evening as well.

In addition, if you have keyholder status with the storage area option, you will need to remove any and all items from the storage area if you choose not to renew your keyholder with storage membership.  If you wish to maintain your keyholder membership with storage privileges, please make sure you contact the club to get a new main entry key and come into the club and clearly mark any items that belong to you.  TCNE suggests  hanging garment bags  for clothing and such that can be clearly marked with your name and/or storage bins clearly marked as well.  FYI, any items not clearly marked or removed from storage by December 31, 2016 will be considered a donation to Tiffany’s Closet!!

TCNE Tuesday Open House and Saturday House Party

Join us for the Tiffany Club Open House EVERY Tuesday from 7-10 pm, and for our TCNE House Party EVERY Saturday from 7-11pm ($10 donation from non-members on Sat. evenings is greatly appreciated). Stop by for a tour, meet and greet with TCNE members, members of our board of directors, as well as non-members in a safe and friendly environment!  We offer FREE parking, coffee, access to TCNE resources, and ample space for changing and make-up application.

For more info please call (781) 891-9325. Your call will be answered live at the above hours, please leave a message during other hours and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

***TCNE will not be open on Saturday, July 2 due to the Independence Day holiday weekend.  Please celebrate responsibly!! The club will continue it’s normal schedule on Tuesdsay, July 5.

How Many Days Until…??

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Click here!

Statement by First Event Committee Regarding the Marlboro Gun and Knife Show

Please click on the following link concerning the Marlboro Gun and Knife Show being held at the Royal Plaza Trade Center during First Event.

Statement from First Event Committee 010917

2nd Annual First Event Professional Training


Pentagon To Cover SRS for Transgender Active-Duty Troops

Click on link to read the article!

Mission Possible: In-the-Lead with Eyeliner | 3 Beginner Tips to Mastery

By Nicole Renee, I’m Hot Studio

Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late.”

I’ve seen this cute meme floating around the internet and whether it’s a line, a dash, a wing—eyeliner tends to be the most DIFFICULT thing.

But why?

Continually, I see clients making the process unnecessarily difficult for themselves because they incorrectly evaluate one or more of the following steps. This results in wasted money on incorrect products and tools for their skin texture and skill level.

Here are your beginner steps to mastery:

1) Identify your eye skin texture.

2) Assess your skill level: Beginner, intermediate or advanced.

3) Choose the proper medium (type of) eyeliner.

Eyeliner Success Formula:

Eye skin texture + Skill level=Medium (Type of eyeliner)

Eye Skin Texture and Eyeliner Texture

The skin’s condition and texture effects the appearance of make-up.

Imagine we’re selecting a paint finish for a wall. This wall has some lines or grooves on the surface. Choosing a matte finish absorbs light and will not draw attention to the lines on the wall.

A gloss paint reflects light, therefore it essentially illuminates the blemished and marked wall.

Similarly, these concepts apply to make-up textures (matte, satin, glitter). We want to emphasize our best features and minimize flaws.

What type of eye skin texture do you have? Is it smooth, taut eye skin or lined and mature eye skin? Do you have hooded eyes?

Those with smooth, taut skin and non-hooded eyes—you are the lucky ones. You have the most flexibility with textures of eyeliner, basically anything goes. The rest depends upon your skill level.

Matte textured eyeliners absorb light and conceal creased mature skin substantially.

Hooded eyes exist at ANY age and skin texture. How low the hooded eyes hang will dictate how you use top eyeliner and how you create winged eyeliner (if at all).

Choosing Your Medium a.k.a. Type of Eyeliner

Medium: This is the type and texture of eyeliner product.

Waterline: The inner rim of the eye–located behind lashes.

Eye shadows: Eye shadows come in different textures (mattes, satins, glitter). Shadows may be used as top eyeliner but are best suited as bottom eyeliner to create a smokey effect.

Where/How to Apply: Use a small pencil brush or small angled shader brush. Place shadow close to lash lines and blend when using on the lower lash. Start at outer corner for top or bottom lash. Never use in waterline.

Skin Texture: Any skin texture can use shadows. Taut/smooth skin can use all shadow textures. Mattes are best for lined/mature skin.

Skill level: Beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Pencil/Crayons: Pencils/Crayons come in varying textures (matte, kohls, longwear, glitter) and packaging (sharpened pencil or twisty barrel).

Kohls turn out a smoother, blendable touch.

Longwear lends a dense and firmer application, thus their purpose–longwear.

Make sure the pencil is described as waterline safe.

Where/How to Apply: Start at inner corner for top lash or outer corner for bottom lash. Blend out with small pencil brush or small angled shader brush. Do not use a blending brush in the waterline.

Skin Texture: Any skin texture can use pencils. Taut/smooth skin can use all pencil textures. Mattes are best for lined/mature skin.

Skill level: Beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Cake (basically a watercolor paint concept):The dry liner comes in a palette or pot in matte, satin or glitter textures.

Where/How to Apply: Add a bit of water to the brush and dip onto the eyeliner. Use a small angled brow brush or slim pointed eyeliner brush. Never use in waterline.

Skin Texture: Any skin texture can use cake. Taut/smooth skin can use all cake textures. Mattes are best for lined/mature skin. Use caution with hooded eyes, depending on how low the hood sits on the top lash line.

Skill level: Intermediate or advanced.

Gel: Presented in a pot in varying textures (mattes, satins, glitter) with a consistency of a thick mascara.

Where/How to Apply: Use a slim pointed eyeliner or small angled brush and dip lightly into pot. Start at inner corner for top lash or outer corner for bottom lash. Gel is best used for top eyeliner. Do not use in waterline.

Skin Texture: Taut/smooth skin can use all gel textures. Mattes are best for lined/mature skin. Use caution with hooded eyes, depending on how low the hood sits on the top lash line.

Skill level: Intermediate or advanced.

Pen/Liquid Liner: Packaged as a tube with brush or as a magic marker pen (in varying textures mattes, satins, glitter).

Where/How to Apply: Start at inner corner for top lash or outer corner for bottom lash. Pen/liquid liner is best used for top eyeliner. Use caution with hooded eyes, depending on how low the hood sits on the top lash line. Do not use in waterline.

Skin Texture: Taut/smooth skin can use all pen/liquid textures. Mattes are best for lined/mature skin.

Lined, mature skin or hooded eye users may find this form the most difficult to work with, especially for top eyeliner. Gel liner gives more control of the product for creating top eyeliner.

Skill level: Very experienced intermediate or advanced.

You’re now equipped with the proper steps and a formula to combat any “liner letdown”.

Selecting the precise products for your skin and skill level will ensure you arrive on time and perfectly lined to all your events!

I’m Hot Studio
14 Cedar St. #213
Amesbury, MA 01913

Insurers Offering Transgender Services

Looking for medical insurance or information about whether your insurance covers GRS??  Here is a webpage that may provide you with the answers you are looking for! Just click on the title below…

These Insurers Offer Transgender Health Care Coverage