TCNE Will be Closed December 23, 2017

TCNE will be closed on December 23, 2017 for Christmas observance.  We wish EVERYONE a happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or however you celebrate this wonderful holiday season!

TG Discussion Group Will Not Meet In December

The TG Discussion Group will not be meeting for the month of December.  The facilitator for the group will be out of town for December.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza Holiday and we’ll see you in 2018!

TCNE, IFGE, Tapestry Magazine Founder Merissa Sherill Lynn Passes Away

Merissa Sherrill Lynn, Founder of TCNE, IFGE, Tapestry Magazine and First Event Transgender Conference, Passes Away at Age 75 Merissa Sherrill Lynn was an active force in the transgender community for many years. Her impact was significant and many transgender people today are living lives made by possible by her work. TCNE is greatly indebted to her work and to founding TCNE. She passed away on December 1, 2017. Please read below for Merissa’s obituary.

via Dallas Denny:

Merissa Sherrill Lynn, TCNE, IFGE, Tapestry Magazine Founder Passes Away (1942-2017).

Merissa Sherrill Lynn was born in Exeter and lived in North Hampton, New Hampshire. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1971 with a BA in Philosophy. She entered the United States Army in 1961 and served with a Ranger Battalion in Germany from 1961-1963. She was honorably discharged in 1964.

Ms. Lynn established a support group and meeting home for gender variant individuals in Waltham Mass at a time when gender variance was little understood and not studied as a visible social norm. She assisted many individuals who were searching for a safe and viable place to express their choice of gender preference. Her home became one of the first national clubs or associations for cross-dressers, transgender both for male and female sexual-reassignment individuals. She established the Tiffany Club of New England as a safe zone for those looking for and needing understanding in their gender search.

From this home she published what was to become an international magazine specializing in information and contacts between social, medical, and businesses communities dealing with the transgender movement [editor: the magazine was called Tapestry]. With many groups around the world reaching out for contact she founded the International Foundation for Gender Education, which acted as a communications network for what was to become a world-wide community. Through this organization she made contact with various other organizations and individuals who were able to make many social and legal changes in the ways people are viewed. These efforts, in combination with the Gay and Lesbian community, opened the door to the many social changes we see today.

Ms. Lynn’s contribution to the understanding of gender variance greatly increased the knowledge and understanding available at colleges and universities worldwide. She was asked to speak at Harvard Medical School and many conferences in the US and abroad. As the director of IFGE, she traveled widely to promote understanding and education about gender viability and inclusion in everyday life. She was honored by many organizations for her knowledge, writings, publications and community organization work. She gave of her time and energies to promote gender acceptance, much of what we see today commonly throughout this country.

After suffering a massive stroke in 1998, Ms. Lynn was unable to devote time and energy to the complexities of the business and moved to Warwick, RI, where she resided for the past 20 years. She passed away at Hope Hospice on Friday Dec. 1, 2017.

Merissa’s legacy is in the help she gave to many who were looking for answers to deeply personal questions. She gave hope and love to all throughout her life. She will be deeply missed by many.

For a detailed history of the transgender community in Greater Boston and of the organizations TCNE and IFGE that Ms. Lynn started, please click to TCNE History.

September 2nd TCNE Closed for Labor Day

On September 2nd TCNE will be closed to observe Labor Day. We wish everyone a great holiday and see everyone on September 9th for the BBQ!

BBQ and Clothing Sale at TCNE

Summer BBQ In Waltham MA 2017TCNE will be holding a late Summer BBQ and Clothing sale on Saturday September 9, 2017!

TCNE will open at 1PM to kick off the event staring with the clothing sale. The sale will feature donated and gently used clothing from Tiffany’s Closet.   The selection is excellent for both guys and gals!   Shoes, troursers, dresses, skirt, slacks and lingerie and the prices are incredibly cheap.  There are many excellent option to choose from. In addition, Jewels, the owner and seamstress of Originals to Remember By will be on hand to do alterations.

At 6PM, the BBQ will kick off.  Come by for some excellent grilled food and fun conversation, meet new friends and enjoy the night.  The BBQ will end at 9PM while the clothing sale will end about 10PM.

If you have questions or would like to reach out with a comment, email us at

Pentagon To Cover SRS for Transgender Active-Duty Troops

Click on link to read the article!

Mission Possible: In-the-Lead with Eyeliner | 3 Beginner Tips to Mastery

By Nicole Renee, I’m Hot Studio

Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late.”

I’ve seen this cute meme floating around the internet and whether it’s a line, a dash, a wing—eyeliner tends to be the most DIFFICULT thing.

But why?

Continually, I see clients making the process unnecessarily difficult for themselves because they incorrectly evaluate one or more of the following steps. This results in wasted money on incorrect products and tools for their skin texture and skill level.

Here are your beginner steps to mastery:

1) Identify your eye skin texture.

2) Assess your skill level: Beginner, intermediate or advanced.

3) Choose the proper medium (type of) eyeliner.

Eyeliner Success Formula:

Eye skin texture + Skill level=Medium (Type of eyeliner)

Eye Skin Texture and Eyeliner Texture

The skin’s condition and texture effects the appearance of make-up.

Imagine we’re selecting a paint finish for a wall. This wall has some lines or grooves on the surface. Choosing a matte finish absorbs light and will not draw attention to the lines on the wall.

A gloss paint reflects light, therefore it essentially illuminates the blemished and marked wall.

Similarly, these concepts apply to make-up textures (matte, satin, glitter). We want to emphasize our best features and minimize flaws.

What type of eye skin texture do you have? Is it smooth, taut eye skin or lined and mature eye skin? Do you have hooded eyes?

Those with smooth, taut skin and non-hooded eyes—you are the lucky ones. You have the most flexibility with textures of eyeliner, basically anything goes. The rest depends upon your skill level.

Matte textured eyeliners absorb light and conceal creased mature skin substantially.

Hooded eyes exist at ANY age and skin texture. How low the hooded eyes hang will dictate how you use top eyeliner and how you create winged eyeliner (if at all).

Choosing Your Medium a.k.a. Type of Eyeliner

Medium: This is the type and texture of eyeliner product.

Waterline: The inner rim of the eye–located behind lashes.

Eye shadows: Eye shadows come in different textures (mattes, satins, glitter). Shadows may be used as top eyeliner but are best suited as bottom eyeliner to create a smokey effect.

Where/How to Apply: Use a small pencil brush or small angled shader brush. Place shadow close to lash lines and blend when using on the lower lash. Start at outer corner for top or bottom lash. Never use in waterline.

Skin Texture: Any skin texture can use shadows. Taut/smooth skin can use all shadow textures. Mattes are best for lined/mature skin.

Skill level: Beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Pencil/Crayons: Pencils/Crayons come in varying textures (matte, kohls, longwear, glitter) and packaging (sharpened pencil or twisty barrel).

Kohls turn out a smoother, blendable touch.

Longwear lends a dense and firmer application, thus their purpose–longwear.

Make sure the pencil is described as waterline safe.

Where/How to Apply: Start at inner corner for top lash or outer corner for bottom lash. Blend out with small pencil brush or small angled shader brush. Do not use a blending brush in the waterline.

Skin Texture: Any skin texture can use pencils. Taut/smooth skin can use all pencil textures. Mattes are best for lined/mature skin.

Skill level: Beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Cake (basically a watercolor paint concept):The dry liner comes in a palette or pot in matte, satin or glitter textures.

Where/How to Apply: Add a bit of water to the brush and dip onto the eyeliner. Use a small angled brow brush or slim pointed eyeliner brush. Never use in waterline.

Skin Texture: Any skin texture can use cake. Taut/smooth skin can use all cake textures. Mattes are best for lined/mature skin. Use caution with hooded eyes, depending on how low the hood sits on the top lash line.

Skill level: Intermediate or advanced.

Gel: Presented in a pot in varying textures (mattes, satins, glitter) with a consistency of a thick mascara.

Where/How to Apply: Use a slim pointed eyeliner or small angled brush and dip lightly into pot. Start at inner corner for top lash or outer corner for bottom lash. Gel is best used for top eyeliner. Do not use in waterline.

Skin Texture: Taut/smooth skin can use all gel textures. Mattes are best for lined/mature skin. Use caution with hooded eyes, depending on how low the hood sits on the top lash line.

Skill level: Intermediate or advanced.

Pen/Liquid Liner: Packaged as a tube with brush or as a magic marker pen (in varying textures mattes, satins, glitter).

Where/How to Apply: Start at inner corner for top lash or outer corner for bottom lash. Pen/liquid liner is best used for top eyeliner. Use caution with hooded eyes, depending on how low the hood sits on the top lash line. Do not use in waterline.

Skin Texture: Taut/smooth skin can use all pen/liquid textures. Mattes are best for lined/mature skin.

Lined, mature skin or hooded eye users may find this form the most difficult to work with, especially for top eyeliner. Gel liner gives more control of the product for creating top eyeliner.

Skill level: Very experienced intermediate or advanced.

You’re now equipped with the proper steps and a formula to combat any “liner letdown”.

Selecting the precise products for your skin and skill level will ensure you arrive on time and perfectly lined to all your events!

I’m Hot Studio
14 Cedar St. #213
Amesbury, MA 01913

Insurers Offering Transgender Services

Looking for medical insurance or information about whether your insurance covers GRS??  Here is a webpage that may provide you with the answers you are looking for! Just click on the title below…

These Insurers Offer Transgender Health Care Coverage

TCNE Board Meetings

TCNE board meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each even nunbered month beginning in October 2016.

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Remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  So come visit with us on Tuesday evenings from 7-10pm or Saturday evenings  from 7-11pm, and see what Tiffany Club is all about!

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