Code of Conduct

Nondiscrimination Statement

We prohibit discrimination based on color, national origin, religion, sex, disability (physical or mental), age, sexual orientation, gender identity.

Beyond just nondiscrimination, we want to provide a welcoming environment. We ask that all participants be considerate towards one another and approach one another with kindness and compassion.

Discussion Groups

Many who join us have had trauma and many different topics can trigger distress. Avoid discussions of controversial topics in groups with people who may find the topic upsetting. If you see someone becoming uncomfortable with a conversation, change the discussion or break off to a smaller group with those who want to continue the discussion more privately.

Often new participants are nervous and timid. Give them space to contribute and include them in the conversation.

Often conversations are of a sensitive nature, please keep sensitive information private. Never out someone against their will, and use care when sharing photos or other information on social media.

Facilities Use

  • TCNE prohibits the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco in our facility.
  • The facility is not to be use for sexual activity.
  • Illegal activity is not permitted.

Issues Resolution

TCNE does not condone abusive behavior, including -but not limited to- sexual misconduct, verbal abuse, physical aggression, or stalking. In addition, we want people to feel welcome. If you are made to feel unwelcome, we also encourage you to follow this procedure.

The first step should be to try to resolve the issue with the person causing your difficulty.

If this is not possible, or if you do not feel safe doing this, please let an TCNE representative know about the issue, so that they can find an appropriate way to deescalate the situation.

If this does not resolve the issue or the issue involves a TCNE representative, you may submit a written description of the incident(s) to the board of directors for further action. These may be submitted through

TCNE reserves the right to remove someone our event and/or to revoke membership for any reason.

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