Volunteering and Visibility

Next Event May 19th: Volunteer with us to help at Boston Health Care for the Homeless (learn more)

Opportunities to volunteer with TCNE, Trans Club of New England, Waltham Massachusetts Transgender folks seek opportunities to express themselves and interact with others as the gender that feels authentic, natural, or “right.” For trans folks who aren’t planning to transition, or are early on that path, those opportunities often feel limited. We often end up feeling confined to evenings, and/or a social circle that’s similar to a larger closet. These opportunities can feel like freedom, but for those who seek a deeper relationship with the world, those outings fall short. TCNE provides those opportunities as well as opportunities to safely and cautiously deepen those experiences.

Through a series of activities we are coordinating, we provide trans folks and their allies volunteer opportunities. These activities are vetted by our volunteer staff. Through TCNE, Trans folks have helped out with Cradles to Crayons, Greater Boston Food Bank, Freedom for all MA, Rosie’s Place and next up on May 19th is Boston Health Care for the Homeless.

As a volunteer for these organizations, we interact with cis gender staff and volunteers, we provide service to others through other worthy non-profits, we provide positive visibility to our own community and of course we are treated by others as the gender we present.

The album on our FB PageVolunteering and Visibility” shows trans folks and allies volunteering for many causes and worthy charities. Follow us on social media, or check out our calendar to join us for our next “Volunteering and Visibility” event!”

Past Events

  • Sept. 2018:   Rosie’s Place
    • We volunteered with a number of other organizations to serve lunch to the women who rely on Rosie’s Place for support
  • June 2018:    Freedom for All
    • We worked with volunteers from across Boston to educate the public about the Massachusetts Ballot referendum, Question 3, regarding protecting transgender people from discrimination in public spaces
  • April 2018:  Cradles to Crayons, Boston
    • We volunteered at Cradles to Crayons with 100 other volunteers to help 400 needy children.
  • March 2018:  Greater Boston Food Bank
    • We volunteered with others in Greater Boston to work in the Greater Boston Food Bank warehouse to assist inspecting, sorting, and repacking donated food and grocery products.
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